Presented by Strawberry Canyon Track Club

Sponsored by Renegade Running

Proceeds go to Replate

What is the SCTC Inaugural Labor Day Classic?

The SCTC Inaugural Labor Day Classic is a virtual track meet organised by the Strawberry Canyon Track Club, a track club based in Berkeley, CA.

What events are available?

Since this our first attempt at a virtual meet, we've chosen to keep it simple. There will be two events available: the 800 meter and the 5 km.

Where can I run the race?

Anywhere you want! On a track, a road, a trail, anywhere in the world.

When can I run the race?

September 6 - September 30 2020, both days included.

Do I need a GPS watch?

Nope. We trust you. You can submit results without a GPS link if you don't have a GPS watch. However only verified results will be eligible for prizes.

Wait. Prizes?

Renegade Running is generously supporting our prizes. There will be $30, $20, and $10 gift cards available to the top three finishers in each category in each event. Each race has separate categories for Men, Women, Masters Men (40+), and Masters Women (40+).

What is the race entry fee?

The race entry fee is $5, but you can donate more if you wish. We keep none of the money. It is all donated to a non-profit organization supporting local communities. The charity we have chosen this time is Replate, a local organization that delivers surplus food from offices and restaurants to people in need.

Great. I want to do this.


Register for the 800m here.
Register for the 5k here.

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